DJUG 11/10;Tom Marrs – XML & JSON; Clark Hobbie – Zookeeper

We are at the Tivoli Building Room 329 – Senate Chambers

Please also be aware there has been a change in parking; you now pay on-line if the lot is closed when you leave.

5:30 – 6:00 PM Pizza and Networking

6:00 PM: Hadoop ZooKeeper by Clark Hobbie
(notes uploaded here20101110_djug_zookeeper )

A great deal of infrastructure associated with enterprise class distributed applications is implemented using ad hoc tools. ZooKeeper, which is part of the Hadoop project, addresses this “infrastructure gap” by providing a simple, high performance, robust set of tools for building distributed systems. This talk introduces the ZooKeeper system and explains how it can be used as the basis for configuration, control and monitoring of distributed systems.

Some of the topics covered include:

* An introduction to ZooKeeper
* Example System
* Configuration
* Control
* Monitoring

About the Speaker:

Clark Hobbie is a Denver area software consultant specializing in the areas of Java, messaging and XMPP. His past talks at local interest groups include inter-process communications and the extensible messaging and presence protocol (XMPP). The site for his consulting company, Long Term Software LLC, is, and his email address is

7:15 PM – Data Interchange Formats at Work: XML and JSON by Tom Marrs
Here’s a link to the slide deck on Slide Share.

XML has been around for years, but with the advent and popularity of AJAX & JSON, is XML still relevant? On the other hand, XML is widely used and is the basis for many standards, so why change?

You’ve seen the ongoing debate between the XML and JSON communities, but you need to make choices in your architecture.

Regardless of your opinion, you have questions:
- Are XML and JSON mutually exclusive?
- What are the differences between XML and JSON?
- When should I use XML?
- When should I use JSON?
- How does each data format work with SOA, Web Services, and key platforms such as Java and Ruby on Rails?
This presentation will cover:
- The Bad Old Days – Non-Structured data formats
- Why is XML needed?
- Schema
- Patterns
- XML with Web Services, Java, Ruby, and JavaScript
- JSON Overview
- Overview
- Why is JSON needed?
- Structure
- JSON with Web Services, Java, Ruby, and JavaScript
- The Bottom Line – When to use XML and when to use JSON
We’ll walk through examples in jQuery, JAXB, XMLBeans, SOJO,
Apache CXF, Ruby on Rails, REXML, Simple-XML and
Attendees will learn when to use XML and JSON, and how to
integrate these data formats with Web Services, SOA, and
AJAX applications.

About the Speaker:

Tom Marrs, a 25 year veteran in the software industry,
is the Principal Architect with Vertical Slice, where
he specializes in Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA).
He designs and implements mission-critical business
applications using the latest SOA, Java/EE, Ruby on Rails,
AJAX, and Open Source technologies. Tom also spends a
lot of time evaluating architecture, and training and
mentoring developers on his projects.

Tom is the co-author of JBoss At Work: A Practical
Guide (O’Reilly, 2005), has been published in,
Java Developers’ Journal, and has authored and
co-authored several technical training courses.
Tom speaks regularly at software conferences such
as No Fluff Just Stuff about Open Source, SOA,
Java/EE, and Web Services, blogs on and
ONJava, and reviews best-selling technical books
for major publishers.

An active participant in the local technical
community, Tom founded the Denver Open Source User
Group (DOSUG) and has served as President of the
Denver Java Users Group (DJUG).

He is also the CEO/CTO of SystemsForge – a New York based company that uses DSLs and a Software Product Line built on top of Groovy and Grails to develop custom web applications quickly and cost effectively. The SystemsForge product line has been presented at ooPSLA and Code Generation and written up in IEEE Software and Methods & Tools.

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