DJUG 6/9/2010-John Lowe-JVM; Joel Dice – Avian [At Tattered Cover Conf. Center Downtown, not Tivoli]

Our meeting has moved away from the Tivoli for the month of June!

This month’s DJUG Meeting will be at the Tattered Cover Conference Center downtown.
Their address is 1628 16th St Denver CO 80202.


5:30 – 6:00 PM Pizza and Networking
6:00 – 7:00 PM Avian – Joel Dice
7:00 – 7:10 PM Short break
7:10 – 7:15 PM Announcements
7:15 – 8:45 PM JVM – John Lowe

Featured Presentation: JVM

Slides (and some not in the presentation) can be found on John Lowe’s website:


With the growth of languages running on the Java platform the JVM has become a central element of our computing environments.  Ironically, most developers don’t actually know all that much about the JVM and how it executes code. In this session we are going to look at the JVM itself and answer some general questions: What is actually in a Class File? What do the byte code instructions actually do? What is done in class file Verification? How are multiple cores supported? How do the new generation of languages take advantage of, or hindered by the JVM?  These and other questions will be covered in this summary of the JVM specification.

About the Speaker:

John Lowe is a President of NAND Gate Technologies LLC, a software development and consulting company. John’s area of expertise includes embedded systems and hardware/software interaction. John has been developing embedded systems for the past 15 years including, robotics, analytical instrumentation and medical monitoring applications. He has been working with Java since 1996, and has been attending Java User groups in the Denver/Boulder area for 12 years.

Basic Concepts: Intro to Avian


Avian is a lightweight virtual machine and class library designed to provide a useful subset of Java’s features, suitable for building self-contained applications.  In my talk I’ll start by describing the problems we’ve had supporting a Java-based client application and the various solutions we pursued before writing our own VM.  Next, I’ll cover the unique features of Avian and how application developers can use them to package an application written in Java without a dependence on an external VM.  Finally, I’ll discuss a few of the more interesting technical challenges we faced in writing a VM which is both small and fast.  Here is a link to the project:

About the Speaker:

Joel Dice is a Colorado native and graduated with a B.S. from CU Boulder as the 2002 Outstanding Graduate in Computer Science.  He started working as a software engineer at ReadyTalk in 2003.  Some of the projects he’s been involved in include: a cross-platform application sharing library, a fault-tolerant distributed application server, converters from recorded conference visual an audio data to SWF and MPEG4 formats, and an embedded virtual machine.

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