Goodbye 2017, Hello 2018

We enjoyed a lot of great talks at Denver JUG in 2017. As part of our holiday party, we decided to give our awards for the best talks of 2017. We were hoping to use’s rating system for each meetup, but we found that a lot of folks didn’t vote. Therefore, we simply used meetup attendance to decide our winners for 2017. I’m happy to announce the following winners for 2017:

We’ve ordered trophies for each winner and will be sending them in the mail this week.

Another fun activity we did at the meetup was to select which talk from Venkat Subramaniam we wanted to see next year. We decided on “From Functional to Reactive Programming” and published the meeting details.

Finally, I’d like to thank Jay Zimmerman of No Fluff Just Stuff for donating prizes for our ugly sweater contest. Jay donated free passes to Angular Summit, UberConf, and The Rich Web Experience (2018). Unfortunately, only Greg Ostravich and myself (Matt Raible) showed up in sweaters. Greg selected UberConf and we decided to give away Angular Summit and RWX at our next meetup in January.

Last, but certainly not least, I’d like to thank our awesome sponsors for all their help this year. Particularly, Pivotal for the space, TekSystems for food, Inversoft for beer, and Okta for the after party snacks and beverages. Here’s to 2017. Hello 2018!

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