Lightning Talks!

5:30-6:00: Food, Soda, Beer and Networking (thanks to our continuing sponsors TekSystems for food & soda, and Inversoft for beer!)

6:00-6:15: Announcements

6:15-8:15: Lightning Talks!

Functional JDBC with the Reader monad

Working with the database means juggling connections and managing transactions. With functional programming, we can abstract it away for cleaner, safer, and more maintainable code.

Why JAVA/Test Automation is an excellent gateway skill set for a career in IT

We have young people here in the United States who don’t see a prosperous path forward to self-sufficiency. We have an industry that can’t find qualified people to fill required positions. What is the disconnect here? Every JAVA programmer is a potential mentor and JAVA is an excellent “first langauge” because it lends itself easily to OOP and enforces strict typing. I believe this is something we should care about and encourage. I believe others will too once they actually stop and think about it.

Uh, I think we have a Java Performance Problem

What tools and approaches should you follow to detect, resolve, and better yet, avoid the problem in the first. This is a real life story of my recent experiences as a team leader with a Java Web Service performance problem.

Introduction to Rion

Rion is a Java based object notation language more powerful than XML, yaml, and json. It was designed for readability and flexibility. It also is GWT (JavaScript transpile) compatible, android compatible, standalone, weighing in at a single 280k jar file, or even less depending on feature use. Rion is a significant leap forward in object notation syntaxes and offers features never seen elsewhere. Rion is an enabling technology.


Miranda is a open-source system that accepts HTTP events (POST/PUT/DELETE) on behalf of another system so that when the underlying system is down, it can still receive messages.

Reactive Programming

Intro to reactive programming with Spring. What is reactive programming and what does it look like?

Getting Started with JHipster and OpenID Connect

JHipster is a cool open source project that allows you to generate a Spring Boot backend with an Angular front-end. This talk is a demo that shows how to create a JHipster app with OIDC support and test it against Keycloak. Then you’ll see how to deploy it to the cloud and configure things to work with Okta.

It’s all about the configuration

Want to bundle a configuration file with your application? Want to allow your application to be configured on-the-fly so Development, Staging, and Production can be set from the config file meaning no values are hard-coded? If so, this is the talk for you.

8:15 Door prizes (supplied by Jetbrains, Develop Intelligence, Amazon and Compri Consulting)

8:00: After Meeting Networking sponsored by Okta. We meet at Ale House at Amato’s (2501 16th St, Denver, CO 80211).

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